"This is certainly not just a "band-aid" approach to dealing with life's greatest loss."
Widowed pastor
"The information contained in this book may well change missionary work in most of
the countries with matriarchal societies!"
Director of an International Mission organization
"Widow's Might for the 21st Century puts every believer into active ministry almost
Lay leader
"I searched everywhere for a program to help me when I faced becoming a widow at
age 43.  There wasn't then, and to my knowledge isn't now, anything in the country
like this."
Funeral home Manager in a major Midwest City
"Every community in America would be blessed to have a functioning Widow's Might
group ministering to this vital segment of our population."
Retired pastor who has ministered in all 50 states
The Old Testament character, Job said, "... and I caused the widow's
heart to sing for joy..." (Job 29:13)
This is our opportunity!
What are people saying about WIDOW'S MIGHT
For the 21st Century
For the 21st Century